Things To Do When You're In A Depressive Spiral 8" x 10" Letterpress Print

SKU: PR-105

This print is based on my mental list of ways to spend the day when I don’t feel like spending it. Basically, I made it because I needed it. I hope that you find it useful too, whether you have the occasional bout of the blues, or are going through a particularly hard time, or struggle with chronic depression, or whatever it is. Please take what’s interesting and doable, leave what isn’t, and add your own. And then get out there. Because the world needs you to participate in it.  It would be such a shame if you didn’t.
Print Text
Read a book that transports you.
Call a friend. Or text if that’s easier.
Run an errand.
Go sit at a cafe.
Put on a song that soothes your soul. Or that makes you dance.
Write for a few minutes about absolutely anything.
Go for a run. Or a walk.
Window shop. Maybe buy something.
Take a long shower. Or a bath.
Make your bed.
Find a recipe and cook something.
Do laundry.
Compliment a stranger.
Cross something easy off your to-do list.
Walk around a museum.
Do yoga. Or don’t.
Let go of the idea that you need to be productive today.
Change out of your pajamas. Put on other comfy clothes.
Drink water.
Start a project. Don’t feel like you need to finish it.
Eat something delicious. Like chocolate. Or cheese.
Meander around town.
Watch something sad and let yourself cry.
Watch something funny and let yourself laugh.
Learn something new just for the hell of it.
Clean the kitchen.
Make a list. Make a bunch of lists.
Have a little daydream.
Pamper your body in some small way.
Get a haircut.
Make plans with other people.
Find a bit of nature to surround yourself with.
Visit a large body of water.
Listen to a podcast.
Create something with your hands.
Do something kind for someone else.
Cuddle an animal, if you’re an animal person.
Invite a friend over to do something. Or to do nothing, together.
Think back to a really good moment.
Watch your favorite reruns.
Spend some time in the sun.
Meditate. Or don’t.
Make some tea.
Write someone a card, just because.
Organize your closet. Start a donation pile.
Go outside.
Remind yourself that you don’t have to be everything to be enough.

Remember how very loved you are.
Product Specs
  • Print size: 8" x 10"
  • Letterpress printed by hand on an antique printing press
  • Printed on soft white Arturo heavy cardstock
  • Ships flat with sturdy backing in a cello sleeve 

* Please note that the artwork does not come framed or matted


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christina Dominique-Pierre

The graphics are perfect and invite all visitors in when they see it in my house.

Elizabeth Juarez
Beautiful print!

I am so happy with the Protect you joy print I received! The colors are beautiful and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Could not be happier.

Also, ships like lightning!

Beautifully made and packaged.

Beautifully made and packaged.

Beautiful card

Beautiful print arrived in a hard back envelope all the way from America to Ireland! So cute and colours are lovely. Customer service is excellent and so personal

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