Studio Sale—$12 Mystery Misfits Grab Bag!

Studio Sale—$12 Mystery Misfits Grab Bag!

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Each grab bag has 7-8 items that are either slightly imperfect or discontinued designs!  These are all totally good to use yourself - or to give to others - but are:

  • featuring a minor imperfection that makes it lovably wonky (e.g. a little paint outside the lines, a little off-center)
  • a design that we decided to discontinue as part of our product line
  • made with a combination of blockprint and letterpress (we've moved from blockprinting to purely letterpress) 

Most of the grab bags will be greeting cards, but there may be a notebook, print, or other goodie in there too :) 

Thanks for helping us make way for new products, while saving money and paper <3 


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