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Some of my dearest wishes for the year. 

Postcard Text

This year, let’s get our first dose of the covid-19 vaccine, stay at home and then go get our second dose of the vaccine, and then stay at home again until everyone else gets vaccinated too. Then let’s stay at home some more just to be sure it’s safe to venture out all willy nilly again. Once we’re sure, let’s hug and then hug some more, and visit each other’s homes and stay for as long as we want. Let’s have a sleepover. Let’s go out and eat indoors and get haircuts and take the subway to wherever we want to go. Let’s travel further than where the subway can take us. Let’s exchange unmasked smiles with strangers on the street. Let’s run to the grocery store just to pick up that one item we need and end up wandering around for hours and trying all of the free samples. Let’s go see a movie or a show in an actual theater with lots of other people doing the same thing. Let’s go sit at a coffee shop, walk around, and then go sit at a different coffee shop. Let’s stop worrying as much. Let’s stop having nightmares in which we forget our masks. Let’s put our mask collections up high on a shelf along with all the other things we don’t expect to need anytime soon. Let’s go to a wedding and a birthday dinner and a dance party. Let’s go stand in the middle of a crowd, just for a moment, just because we can. Let’s smush our faces real close together and whisper secrets in each other’s ears. Let’s share meals again. This year, let’s still write cards to each other and call to check in. Let’s still go on walks together around the neighborhood. When the world starts turning faster and faster again, let’s take time to sit still and sleep in and stay in and say no when we want to. Let’s continue to wash our hands. Let’s not forget all of the hard-earned lessons of last year, and forever be more grateful and more aware of what actually matters and more able to let go of what doesn’t. This year, let's hold on ever so tightly to each other, and then a bit tighter still.

  • 4" x 6" postcard
  • Printed in the USA on hearty cardstock
  • Front has a glossy finish; back is uncoated so it's easy to write your message :) 


    © Kwohtations

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