How I'm finding balance this summer

Summer is finally here!

After an especially relentless work/life season, I'm excited for lazy mornings, park hangs, beach days, weekend getaways, and mid-week happy hours. I'm ready to tap into my most carefree, breezy self that only feels possible during the summer. I like to think of it as the "Summer of Fun" – a chance for Fun Janine to shine after Work Janine has been hogging the spotlight (with occasional guest appearances from Seasonally Depressed Janine).

Fun Janine vs Work Janine

Summer has a way of making relaxation easier. But also, responsibilities don't just magically disappear with the sunshine. Even as I declare a Summer of Fun, I know that Fun Janine will have to coexist with Work Janine. Some Sundays will be spent at the beach, while others will be at the laundromat. Some weeknights I'll leave my to-do list hanging and go out for a date night or a friend hang. Other nights will be spent in front of spreadsheets. And some nights (ok, many nights) I'll stay in and watch embarrassingly bad TV for hours on end (currently making my way through all five seasons of the MacGyver remake).
So, while it feels good and simple to declare this the all-or-nothing Summer of Fun or the Summer of Rest, I think it will have to be an intentional balancing of work, fun, and rest. Will it be perfectly balanced? Probably never. Sometimes work will take precedence, because there are things I want or have to accomplish, and other times I'll prioritize rejuvenation over productivity. And sometimes I just need to be a potato for a while before I can rouse myself again to do anything at all. The goal is to be intentional about finding some balance over the course of the summer.
Here are some of the small things I'm doing to try to infuse some balance into my weeks:

Do you have an intentional approach to your summers? I'd love to hear how you are spending your time when you have multiple, competing priorities.  

Thanks for being here. 



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What a delight to read. I continue to enjoy all of your creations….Baird sings your praises with all of your accomplishments…..really MacGyver??? Have a great rest of the summer….

Mary August 14, 2023

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