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Welcome to the Grief Club: Signed Book

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Welcome to the Grief Club is my illustrated book on grief, published 2022 with Workman Publishing.  This is a gentle and validating book for anyone who is grieving a loss, or for anyone who wants to better understand what the experience of grief & loss can be like. I hope this book brings a spot of comfort in hard times.

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This book comes with a signed sticker bookplate.

Gifting option: If you want to send a gift to someone who is grieving, you can purchase a care package that includes a signed book and sympathy card with the option to include a personalized note here

About the book:
Based on my own experience of grief— I lost a partner in my 20s—and as those of other Grief Club members, I wrote this book of brief writings, illustrations, and creative diagrams to explore the wide range of emotions and experiences that grief can encompass.

For anyone who has lost a loved one or who is close to someone who is grieving, Welcome to the Grief Club is a book of solace, connection, hope, and reassurance. It addresses with empathy and honesty the aspects of grief that so many of us experience but that aren’t widely discussed: the variety and volatility of emotions—sadness, anger, guilt, joy; the physical symptoms of grief; and how grief isn’t linear, but it does change and soften over time. It affirms that there is truly no right or wrong way to grieve and assures us that the things we feel that surprise us or seem strange are often common and always valid.

Humor helps us to survive, and the book uses a lighthearted approach to cover powerful topics, like supremely unhelpful things that people say to those who are grieving, grief trigger bingo, and everyday acts of resilience. This book is a companion that says, I see you and you are not alone, from one grieving person to another. It is a gentle reminder to give yourself permission to grieve for as long as—and in whichever ways—you need.

 “Grief is an overwhelming journey without a road map, but Janine Kwoh has generously given us this lantern to carry down an uncharted path. Welcome to the Grief Club provides instant community for one of the loneliest experiences a person can go through.” —Mari AndrewNew York Times bestselling author of Am I There Yet?


Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Adore this book

I have bought this book at least 4 times already. I initially bought it for myself because I am a therapist and my patient passed away. I just keep re-purchasing because I keep giving away my copy! I have a patient discuss grief, hear my coworkers talk about their own grief, etc. it doesn’t matter. I’m just like, you should read this book. While I can provide resources in addition to this book, the compassion exhibited in this book hits exactly on what people need when they’re grieving. I adore it wholeheartedly.

The best for anyone grieving

Thank you for this perfect book! I have already bought three.

Amy Frazer
A gift...

I bought this gift for a friend, well someone that I don't really know that well who is in a business group with me. She's going through some grief, so naturally I thought she might find come comfort in Janine's book. xo


Absolutely wonderful book, so insightful, highly recommend it!

Cecilia Bartels
what is grief but love persevering

This book is awesome! I am 25 years old and its been 3 years since my boyfriend passed away from an accident. I have a hard time connecting with my peers (and a difficult time dating) because people my age don't have a lot of experience with grief. I love to leave this book on my coffee table for people to flip through. I know it can be awkward to be around someone who is grieving and while they may have the best of intentions, they don't always know what to say. Thank you for making this ADORABLE book- it's perfect <3

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