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I can't wait to gift these!

I bought these stickers to give to co-workers at the end of the fiscal year. I love them so much I wish I had bought more!

Irresistible and always just what I need

I buy these every time they go on sale, and it never fails that I get something that is exactly perfect for the moment I am in. This time I got the perfect card for an upcoming baby shower along with some wonderful stickers, a zine I gifted to a friend, and other cards I know I will have a use for.

Last time I bought it, I got a zine perfect to gift a friend returning from parental leave and a "How to Care for your Introvert" zine that I display prominently on my desk for my own self-care and sticker sheets that I had been eyeing, but didn't buy (and some more stickers and cards that I have since had the pleasure of using).

Take a look at the website. Is there anything you would be disappointed to get? Apart from one time that a sticker sheet had an inconsequential wrinkle in it, I have never been able to tell what was "imperfect" about the products I received. It is always a joy to receive one of these grab bags!

It's ok to ask for help!

This sticker was a gift for a co-worker who lets themselves get overwhelmed before they ask for help. I hope it will be a great reminder that we are there to support them.

A great reminder for a beloved colleague

I have a co-worker who works incredibly hard and struggles with crippling guilt when they make a mistake. This was just the thing to make them smile on a bad day.

Mystery Misfits Grab Bag!
Elizabeth Hudson
Loved it!

As always, the quality was absolutely amazing and I didn't notice any imperfections. Loved all the cards and can't wait to use them.

Fantastic Message

I have already sent this sticker to both of my sisters who were going through a hard time. What a great reminder that there are good things to look forward to. It is true, your will have a beautiful life!!

Wonderful treat!

This brightened my day and every card and item made me smile. Very cute!

Always creatively thoughtful

I love the cards and stickers that I received in my Mystery bag. I’m still searching for a flaw in something, have my magnifying glass out. I can relate so well to the cards, and look forward to having the perfect card for the right situation. I’ve ordered a bag in the past, and was so pleased that I ordered two this time.

what is grief but love persevering

This book is awesome! I am 25 years old and its been 3 years since my boyfriend passed away from an accident. I have a hard time connecting with my peers (and a difficult time dating) because people my age don't have a lot of experience with grief. I love to leave this book on my coffee table for people to flip through. I know it can be awkward to be around someone who is grieving and while they may have the best of intentions, they don't always know what to say. Thank you for making this ADORABLE book- it's perfect <3

Small But Mighty

This small zine ON BELONGING was the perfect way to begin a work retreat as we set our intention and noted the power of BELONGING at WORK. Awesome!

To send or receive

This is the single best card about grief that I have ever had the pleasure to both send and receive. While experiencing grief is far from pleasure, it was a bit of relief to both say and hear, it’s ok “not to be your best self because it is all too much.” This is the only sympathy card I’ll be sending from now on.

Beautiful and Fun!

I keep buying Janine's stickers for my teens that are struggling with anxiety and stress! They love them for journaling and daily reminders. ❤️

Uplifting when you need it most

These stickers are so wonderful. Who doesn't need daily encouragement? We all try so hard each day. We all feel like we fail at times. These stickers are the perfect boost, affirming you ARE amazing.

Affirmation Sticker Sheet
Elizabeth Stone
I love everything Kwohtations

Kwohtations has such a way of bringing beauty & validation to our everyday struggles in the modern world. I love her cards, her stickers, her bandanas... I use these specific stickers in the weekly pages of my journal, to give me a little encouragement, and I bought a few dozen to give to my friends & family for Christmas 2021 as well. I think Kwohtations is one of the most eloquent advocates for self-love and compassion in these "there is no good option" times we live in, and I'm a fierce supporter of this shop!

Absolutely gorgeous

Thank you!

I found these cards after reading Janines’s book The Grief Club. I love the sentiments on the cards and when I opened the package, just wow! Beautiful card stock, design, and art. I will continue to buy these cards and the book.

A balm for the moments where no words suffice

I love “Welcome to the Grief Club.” Not only did it provide solace during a great Loss - I come back to it as grief morphs in it’s trademarked non-linear fashion.

It is now a go to for whenever I need to share my condolences.

Thank you, Janine, for this creation of grief and love alchemized.

Simply Beautiful

What an amazing card - definitely exceeded my expectations!

Spectacular goody bag!

I am so happy with all the items in my mystery misfits pack. There were several items that were uncannily perfect for my situation at that moment. I didn’t notice any imperfections. The quality was excellent and it was such fun opening the pack to see what was inside! Definitely a great experience!

Love the graphics and message

Beautiful letterpress card with a happy simple message

Beautiful letterpress card

This is a beautiful card with good quality letterpress detail and such a great message!

Most superb, most compassionate, best expressed book on grieving grieving

2-1/2 years since my wife died. Of the many books about grieving I've sought, this one is best. Kwoh is already a wonderful artist/writer. When she uses her talent to deal with her grief, she has a beautiful insight with deep compassion and humor. She has grieved and expresses her journey with creativity, honest her her special talents.

Superb, creative, grieving journey

Janine Kwoh has drawn and written a great book about grieving. My wife died 2-1/2 years ago. This is the best book about grieving I've found. There are many. Her special brand of expression, humor, compassion, and sadness combine into an excellent book. My grief is deeper, but not beyond feeling, with this book at my side.
Only negative is the type is very small. I don't use a magnifying glass for reading and I wanted it for this book.

The card is a bright spot

This card is wonderful and perfect for the recipient.

Bought this for myself

Sometimes you just need a reminder! It's on my 2023 inspiration board :) Thank you for putting into words, feelings that will guide me forward.

Came for this sticker

I had actually ordered this sticker "Things won't go exactly as planned..." through another site but they had run out of it. So I was so glad to find Kwohtations and see she was still selling it online.
It spoke to me! I loved collecting my fortune cookie predictions as a kid and saving them in a jar of hopes and wishes for the future. This sticker reminds me that it's ok to hope and plan, but it'll also be ok if not too.