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Love this card for 65-year old birthdays!!

All of the sentiments apply to 65 even more! It really makes people laugh! I bought 5 for friends turning this (later) huge corner.

Second time purchasing this

I love this sticker set so much that I had to re-order! I really appreciate how achievements are framed in these stickers. I use them in my bullet journal to remind myself that I have lived another day and am doing the best I can.

We love supporting mental health!

I absolutely love all these stickers. They serve as reminders on those tougher days.

Love this

As a baby physician in training, this sticker immediately caught my eye. I love the Rx prescription pad design and the message behind it. We are all human and we all can and should practice grace. :)

Adore this book

I have bought this book at least 4 times already. I initially bought it for myself because I am a therapist and my patient passed away. I just keep re-purchasing because I keep giving away my copy! I have a patient discuss grief, hear my coworkers talk about their own grief, etc. it doesn’t matter. I’m just like, you should read this book. While I can provide resources in addition to this book, the compassion exhibited in this book hits exactly on what people need when they’re grieving. I adore it wholeheartedly.

I love this!

I got this as a pride gift for my roommate and they loved it! It’s well made, reasonably priced, and was perfect as this year has been a year of starting to buy themself flowers! We both love it!

Graduation Card

When I had opened my email and saw this card I knew it was perfect for two of my nephews graduating from HS. Love the quality and how fast the shipping was. I will definitely be ordering again in the future. Thank you. ☺️🫶🏼


Beautiful art and lots of different stickers. I look forward to using them and sharing!

The best for anyone grieving

Thank you for this perfect book! I have already bought three.

The perfect tool and gift of delight!

We are gifting this to our students. It is the perfect addition to our workshop.

Meaningful encouragement - comforting, motivating, and sweet!

This one is so terrific! It's a substantive kind of encouragement, with Janine's hallmark comfort and compassion as its foundation. I'm buying a big batch of these to give out as a special little gift to participants at workshops on feedback. It pairs especially well with my all time favorite: We Are Stronger Together, which I give to every team I have the good luck to join.

Great card to show you care

A great way to remind someone that you’re there for them

Great card!

I could see this card giving someone a laugh even during a hard time.

Great card to have on hand!

I have a card stash and I love have congrats cards on hand when my friend shares exciting news! This is a perfect addition to my stash and I can’t wait to send it out !

When you don’t know what to say

When your friend is going through a hard time and you don’t know what to say , send this card . Reminds them that you are thinking of them as they are going through a hard time

Perfect way to show you care

It’s always hard to know what to say but this card helps let your friends /family know you care!

A gift...

I bought this gift for a friend, well someone that I don't really know that well who is in a business group with me. She's going through some grief, so naturally I thought she might find come comfort in Janine's book. xo

So cute

These are lovely high quality illustrations on a clear background. They'd make a great gift but I also am loving putting them in cards for others and in my planner as reminders for myself.

I can't wait to gift these!

I bought these stickers to give to co-workers at the end of the fiscal year. I love them so much I wish I had bought more!

Irresistible and always just what I need

I buy these every time they go on sale, and it never fails that I get something that is exactly perfect for the moment I am in. This time I got the perfect card for an upcoming baby shower along with some wonderful stickers, a zine I gifted to a friend, and other cards I know I will have a use for.

Last time I bought it, I got a zine perfect to gift a friend returning from parental leave and a "How to Care for your Introvert" zine that I display prominently on my desk for my own self-care and sticker sheets that I had been eyeing, but didn't buy (and some more stickers and cards that I have since had the pleasure of using).

Take a look at the website. Is there anything you would be disappointed to get? Apart from one time that a sticker sheet had an inconsequential wrinkle in it, I have never been able to tell what was "imperfect" about the products I received. It is always a joy to receive one of these grab bags!

It's ok to ask for help!

This sticker was a gift for a co-worker who lets themselves get overwhelmed before they ask for help. I hope it will be a great reminder that we are there to support them.

A great reminder for a beloved colleague

I have a co-worker who works incredibly hard and struggles with crippling guilt when they make a mistake. This was just the thing to make them smile on a bad day.

Mystery Misfits Grab Bag!
Elizabeth Hudson
Loved it!

As always, the quality was absolutely amazing and I didn't notice any imperfections. Loved all the cards and can't wait to use them.

Fantastic Message

I have already sent this sticker to both of my sisters who were going through a hard time. What a great reminder that there are good things to look forward to. It is true, your will have a beautiful life!!

Wonderful treat!

This brightened my day and every card and item made me smile. Very cute!