My name is Janine Kwoh - I'm the owner / artist / one-person assembly line behind Kwohtations, a handmade stationery company and letterpress print & design studio, based in Brooklyn, NY.  Kwohtations is an ever-changing collection of greeting cards, art prints, and other curiosities that reflect and celebrate a diversity of identities and life experiences, and always with some humor and whimsy that is so critical to savoring the good times and surviving the hard ones. 

Kwohtations is basically my life in greeting cards, in which I offer up my own truths about navigating love and loss, searching for an authentic voice, (re)defining family and identity and success, bearing witness and figuring out what it means to be responsible for ourselves and others. My hope is that others will recognize some of themselves in Kwohtations, and feel a bit more seen, more connected, and less alone. Much of what I create is about lifting up and embracing that we are all wildly complex and different, and yet at our core are so much of the same - and all of the messiness and beauty and power that comes with holding those two truths together.  In other words, this is for all of us who aren’t 100% pulled together, but kind of like it that way. 

All of the illustrations and words are my own, and I letterpress,* paint, and package every single card, one at a time, with love and also a lot of coffee.    

Got burning questions, practical suggestions, collaboration ideas, idle musings, gentle criticisms, or random thoughts?  I'd love to hear them. You can email me at info@kwohtations.com, or find Kwohtations on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  


* What is letterpress?

Letterpress is a relief-printing technique, where raised type or images are inked and then pressed into paper, creating a debossed impression.  Each piece of paper is carefully hand-fed one at a time into the printing press, to create a unique piece of artwork.  I really enjoy the physical process and distinctive final look-and-feel that comes with using old printing machines and techniques, while experimenting with modern (and often irreverent) images and sentiments.  I print with custom polymer plates in order to print digital designs using an antique press. 


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