Letterpressed: A craft maker celebrates the messy and the beautiful from Opalite Media on Vimeo.

Hi! My name is Janine Kwoh. 

I'm the owner / designer behind Kwohtations, an ever-evolving collection of greeting cards and gifts that reflect and celebrate a diversity of identities and life experiences. I am also the author of Welcome to the Grief Club, an illustrated book on grief for anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one. 

I started making cards in 2011 as a way to reflect on and honor the lives we actually lead, versus the ones we think we should. Kwohtations is essentially my life in greeting cards, in which I offer up my own truths about navigating love and loss, (re)defining family and success, and figuring out what it means to show up for myself and others. 

My goal is to create products that encourage us to embrace the diversity, complexity, and kinship in our lived experiences. My hope is always that others will recognize some of themselves in what I create and feel a bit more seen, more connected, and less alone. 


I letterpress print every card one-at-a-time on an antique printing press.

Letterpress is a relief-printing technique, in which raised type or images are inked and then pressed into paper, creating a debossed impression. Each piece of paper is carefully hand-fed one at a time into the printing press, to create a unique piece of artwork. I enjoy the physical process and distinctive final look-and-feel that comes with using old printing machines and techniques, while experimenting with modern images and sentiments. I print with custom polymer plates in order to print digital designs using an antique press. 



Making goods with intention (and elbow grease): Each Kwohtations card is printed one-at-a-time on an antique printing press on thick, luxurious paper. Due to their handmade nature, every single card is unique, Like you.

Representing the diversity in our communities: Representation matters. Many Kwohtations designs come with a variety of character options that reflect a diversity of skin colors, genders, and sexual orientations. 

Leading with vulnerability: I believe there is power in sharing your story, and seeing parts of your story reflected in those of others.

Healing through humor: My goal is to make products that bring a smile or laugh, because I believe that humor is critical to savoring the good times and surviving the hard.


You can email me at info@kwohtations.com, or find Kwohtations on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  

Photo credits: Kate Alison Photography + Opalite Media