Mystery Misfits Grab Bag!

SKU: GB-101


Each grab bag has 6-7 items that are either slightly imperfect or discontinued designs!  These are all totally good to use yourself - or to give to others - but are:

  • featuring a minor imperfection that makes it lovably wonky (e.g. a little paint outside the lines, a little off-center, bent corner)
  • a design that we decided to discontinue as part of our product line

Most of the grab bags will be greeting cards, but there may be a sticker, zine, print, or other goodie in there too :) 

Thanks for helping us make way for new products, while saving money and paper <3 


Customer Reviews

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Irresistible and always just what I need

I buy these every time they go on sale, and it never fails that I get something that is exactly perfect for the moment I am in. This time I got the perfect card for an upcoming baby shower along with some wonderful stickers, a zine I gifted to a friend, and other cards I know I will have a use for.

Last time I bought it, I got a zine perfect to gift a friend returning from parental leave and a "How to Care for your Introvert" zine that I display prominently on my desk for my own self-care and sticker sheets that I had been eyeing, but didn't buy (and some more stickers and cards that I have since had the pleasure of using).

Take a look at the website. Is there anything you would be disappointed to get? Apart from one time that a sticker sheet had an inconsequential wrinkle in it, I have never been able to tell what was "imperfect" about the products I received. It is always a joy to receive one of these grab bags!

Elizabeth Hudson
Loved it!

As always, the quality was absolutely amazing and I didn't notice any imperfections. Loved all the cards and can't wait to use them.

Heather Chin
Wonderful treat!

This brightened my day and every card and item made me smile. Very cute!

Angela Becker
Always creatively thoughtful

I love the cards and stickers that I received in my Mystery bag. I’m still searching for a flaw in something, have my magnifying glass out. I can relate so well to the cards, and look forward to having the perfect card for the right situation. I’ve ordered a bag in the past, and was so pleased that I ordered two this time.

Sarah B
Spectacular goody bag!

I am so happy with all the items in my mystery misfits pack. There were several items that were uncannily perfect for my situation at that moment. I didn’t notice any imperfections. The quality was excellent and it was such fun opening the pack to see what was inside! Definitely a great experience!

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