How to tie your shoelaces one-handed

Hi all,

I’m about four weeks post-hand surgery, healing as well as possible so far but also very ready to get out of this cast. 
The last month has brought up a mix of feelings and experiences. On one hand, I feel like I have been able to quickly adapt and be resourceful, like learning from YouTube how to tie my shoelaces one-handed and dictating this newsletter on my phone. On the other hand, it's been frustrating to not be able to do a lot of things myself, especially as someone who works with their hands and is used to working quickly, independently, and efficiently:
The fact that doing everything is harder, plus the fact that I don't feel great physically, has taken a toll on my mental health—I am uncomfortable and grumpy. At the same time, I feel so loved and supported by my friends, partner, and sister, who have been keeping me well-fed and laughing, and who have been pitching in to keep Kwohtations running. 
In some ways, I have been forced to slow down. I can really only do one thing at a time now (mainly, I can’t scroll my phone while doing anything else, which is probably a good thing). But it also expedited my decision to grow the business—to rent a studio space, to hire help with packing and fulfillment, and to outsource some printing —now that doing it all myself is truly not an option. (I have a lot more thoughts and feelings on this new shift and growth, so will be sharing more on that later!)
Anyways, those are some rambling thoughts on this last month of feeling empowered and helpless, being down and supported, and growing fast and slow. 
Thanks for being here,

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