Why sometimes it's okay to be a pigeon

Hi all,

March brings with it the promise of spring, a time of renewal and growth.  For those of us who have already, predictably lapsed on our new years resolutions, it seems like another natural time for beginnings, a second chance for making changes.

I think that there's something really brave and hopeful about deciding to be a different person or to create a different life that is better than the one you have now, and I think a lot about the ways in which I'd like to be better, and all of the many areas for improvement. *  

I'm only half joking about this list, because I do want to keep learning and growing and changing for the better.  But also, that all sounds like a lot of work.  And to be honest, I'm already pretty tired a lot of the time.

And while sometimes we are capable of big changes and bold new starts, at other times (most of the time, it feels like) it can feel like the most we can handle is to get through the day without messing up too much.  

Sometimes getting out of bed and making it to work is our Everest.  Sometimes checking off just one or two items on our very long to-do list deserves a gold star.  Sometimes we just need to cancel all social plans and stay home in bed watching bad TV on our laptops.  And then we get up the next day and try again, in all of these small and often unacknowledged ways (like taking a walk or asking for help), and we should get a big shiny trophy for that too.  Even if our best doesn't look the way we thought it would or the way others expect it to, or even when our best looks the same as failure, it still counts as a win.  What matters is that we tried - that we are trying - and that we don't give up for good, even if there are couple more naps or internet rabbit holes or ugly cries or eggs for dinner on the way than anticipated.  

All that to say, progress doesn't have to be transformational to be real, and we don't have to be our most productive selves to be valuable or deserving of rest and care.  Sometimes we might be eagles, purposeful and soaring to great heights.  And other times we might be pigeons, doing the best with what we've got and eating cold french fries for breakfast. And that's okay. 

Happy March, everyone. Take care of yourselves. 



PS. New self care stickers are up in the online shop now!  Stick them on your planner, your notebook, your laptop, your face, or anywhere else you or someone you like can use a friendly reminder to take care of yourself in everyday ways.  Also, you're doing okay even if it doesn't always feel that way. 


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