Mystery Misfits Grab Bag!

SKU: GB-101


Each grab bag has 6-7 items that are either slightly imperfect or discontinued designs!  These are all totally good to use yourself - or to give to others - but are:

  • featuring a minor imperfection that makes it lovably wonky (e.g. a little paint outside the lines, a little off-center, bent corner)
  • a design that we decided to discontinue as part of our product line

Most of the grab bags will be greeting cards, but there may be a sticker, zine, print, or other goodie in there too :) 

Thanks for helping us make way for new products, while saving money and paper <3 


Customer Reviews

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Amanda C

I LOVE getting the mystery grab bag because I have a card for every occasion now - big and small! I know they're considered 'misfits' but they still look amazing to me. I'm also obsessed with the "baking is hard" tea towel because it really speaks to my skills in the kitchen.

Irene Vandervoort
The best gift to give oneself--stationery!

Janine--I was absolutely delighted with my Mystery Misfits Grab Bag! All the fun things in that package are perfectly usable. I can't wait to share. : )

Angela Becker
A Great Selection

I ordered the mystery Misfits Grab Bag, and there was nothing “misfit” about it. It contained a great selection of all purpose cards that are great to have handy when the unexpected occasion arises. Kwohtations always says just the right thing for me to send at just the right time. Thank you.

Laurie Engdahl
Misfits bag

The misfits grab bag was really exactly as described. I love all you work, it's so unique and so it was fun to open each bag and see what was in it. I particularly love fun stickers and magnets :)

Theresa Rigsby
Janine is a mind reader

This is the second time I have purchased a Mystery Misfits Grab Bag, and both times Janine sent me items that were meaningful and exactly what I needed in the moment - relevant Zines, stickers with messages I needed to hear, and cards for events happening in my life. I love everything in the Kwohtations store, and the products in these grab bags are beautiful. I can’t tell why they ended up being labeled “misfits.” Thank you for bringing me comfort, inspiration, and laughter!

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