Advice for the Happy Couple Wedding Letterpress Card

SKU: YA-125

A wedding card with advice for the happy couple

Card Text
Listen when they're telling you about something that's important to them. Listen to understand, not to fix.

Don't keep score - it will rarely be 50/50, but it will balance out over a lifetime. Say thank you often.

Do the little thing that will make their day easier or better - bring them coffee, replace the toilet paper roll, cook their favorite meal, clean up without them asking.

Maintain some individual hobbies, friendships, and time.

Don't be afraid to argue. Remember that it is the two of you versus the problem, not you versus me. Don't fight hungry.

Never belittle. Hold hands. Keep courting each other.

Keep trying to make them laugh. Find new adventures to go on together. Tell them your feelings and needs - don't assume they already know. Feelings fluctuate. Make room for growth together and as individuals.

You don't have to love perfectly to love well.
Love as well as you can.

Product Specs

  • 4.75" x 4.75" folded card
  • Blank inside
  • Letterpress printed on luxe soft white cardstock
  • Paired with a recycled kraft envelope

Printed by hand on an antique letterpress in Brooklyn, New York. Due to the printing process, which is done entirely by hand, there will be slight variations from print to print, ensuring each card is one-of-a-kind. Like you.

Postage: square envelopes require additional postage

© Kwohtations

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Simply Beautiful

What an amazing card - definitely exceeded my expectations!

Rick Alexander
The card is a bright spot

This card is wonderful and perfect for the recipient.

Liralen Li
Best Birthday Card for my husband

And my son was super happy to be able to sign this one as well, as we've done a lot and have been through a lot together as a family. And my husband loved it as it was so personal to what we all are for each other.

repeat customer, very happy

great unique cards

repeat customer, very happy

great unique cards

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