Things to Do When You're in a Depressive Spiral Zine

SKU: ZN-101


This zine is based on my list of ways to spend the day when I don't feel like spending it. Basically, I made it because I need it. I hope that you find it useful too, whether you have an occasional bout of the blues, or are going through a particularly hard time, or struggle with chronic depression, or any reason at all. Please take what's interesting and doable, leave what isn't, and add your own. And then get out there. Because the world needs you to participate in it. It would be such a shame if you didn't.

Comes in single packs or packs of 2 - one for you, one for a friend (or two for you!)

  • 8 pages
  • Printed on heavy cardstock
  • 4.25" x 2.75"

© Kwohtations

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I love this zine full of simple but useful tips! Im keeping it at my desk to remind me to take care of myself. It shipped quickly and was well-package.

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