I'm writing a book!

It's called Welcome to the Grief Club, and it explores the wide range of emotions and experiences that grief can encompass—all of the surprising, confusing, brutal, funny, and downright bizarre parts that many of us go through but that aren’t widely discussed. 

I lost my partner, Nap, when we were both in our late twenties. He was the first person I loved who died, and I was the only person my age I knew to have lost a partner. The experience of losing him and grieving his death has been harder, longer, more complicated, and lonelier than I could have ever imagined. It has also led me to a community of other “Grief Club" members who have lost loved ones, and whose words and companionship have been a lifeline for me.

Through a mix of short written reflections and observations, hand-drawn illustrations, and diagrams, Welcome to the Grief Club addresses questions a grieving person might be having, like: Is this as big of a deal as it feels? Is this jumble of emotions that I’m feeling normal? Am I grieving correctly? Is my grief valid? Am I ever going to feel differently than I do now?  It isn’t a memoir or a how-to guide from an expert, but a companion that says, I see you and you are not alone, from one grieving person to another.

I'm writing this book because it’s what I wish someone had given me in the depths of my grief, as a welcome of sorts to this club that no one ever wants to join but so many of us end up needing. 

Welcome to the Grief Club will be published by Workman Publishing in February 2022. Sign up for the Kwohtations mailing list for updates on when pre-orders will be available (link at the bottom of the page).