Hi New Grad Letterpress Card

Hi New Grad Letterpress Card

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Hi new grad!  Welcome to the real world.
It's a bit messier and scarier out here - there are fewer guideposts and guardrails to tell you what to do and if you're doing it correctly.  Instead, you get to decide what qualifies as a requirement and how to measure success for yourself.  There will be more pitfalls and detours and ways forward than you can imagine; you will lose and find yourself over and over again.  It's normal to not know how any of this goes - none of us do, really. 
It's always okay to ask for help, to say "I don't know," and to google how to do everything.  Forgive yourself for your mistakes, and don't forget to give yourself gold stars for the little wins - those matter a lot out here.  
Take time to explore and to experiment.  Take time to truly figure out the type of life you want - and the kind you don't - both are important to know.  Get enough sleep and stick close to the ones who show up when it's hard - this will make a bigger difference than you think. 
The real world awaits you.  So, welcome!  
We're all so incredibly glad that you're here. 
Product Specs
  • 4.75" x 4.75" (folded)
  • Blank inside
  • Letterpress printed
  • Paired with a recycled kraft envelope

Due to the printing process, which is done entirely by hand, there will be slight variations from print to print, ensuring each card is one-of-a-kind. Like you.

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