Love Languages Letterpress Card
Love Languages Letterpress Card

Love Languages Letterpress Card

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We say I love you everyday, in so many little ways.

Card Text

I was just thinking about you. This reminded me of you. Are you hungry? I made you a snack, just in case. That last bite is yours. Got you a coffee and a waffle. Put on your seatbelt. Text me when you get home. Did you get home okay? Travel safe! What time do you get in? Did you eat? How did you sleep? Let me help you with that. You can borrow mine. Here, take mine. I made this for you. Just checking in. Have a good day! Good luck! You got this. I’m really proud of you for trying. You don’t have to do it alone. Can I get you anything? Here’s some tea, it’ll help you feel better. Want a hug? I’m coming over. I’m here if you need me. I’ll walk with you. I’ll pick you up. I saved you a seat. You look amazing. Let’s watch this show together. Remember that thing you said? Thought you’d find this interesting. I put your laundry in with mine. Lunch is in the fridge. Thank you. I’m sorry. You can go first. I can come with you. Don’t forget to bring a jacket. I noticed it was broken, so I fixed it. I watered your plants. Check your mail—I sent you something. Good morning. Good night. Tell me about your day. I’m listening. Can’t wait to see you! It’s okay, I’ll wait for you. I LOVE YOU.

Product Specs

  • 4.75" x 4.75" (folded)
  • Blank inside
  • Letterpress printed 
  • Paired with a recycled kraft envelope

Due to the printing process, which is done entirely by hand, there will be slight variations from print to print, ensuring each card is one-of-a-kind. Like you.

Postage: square envelopes require a $0.70 stamp 

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© Kwohtations

Photography Credit @lesiakalynaphoto

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