Get ready for our refreshed card designs in 2024!

I'm excited to share a change coming to my line in 2024!

The last few years, I've really struggled to balance creating unique and meaningful products, with growing this business in a way so that it continues to be a sustainable and joyful endeavor.

In particular, the handmade process and level of customization that was once manageable when I was selling a few cards a week has become increasingly difficult from both a labor and operational standpoint, now that we're shipping out hundreds of cards every week. Actually, the breaking point might have been when I hand-painted 4,000 cards in three weeks for a large order last year!

So, what's changing?

I'm retiring all hand-painted card designs!
The majority of these 45+ SKUs are my earliest designs. While I've grown personally attached to them, they are now the most challenging to produce.
This means that I won’t be offering any hand-painted cards, including those with various character options. This was a really difficult decision, as I didn’t want to sacrifice the inclusivity that has always been at the core of the cards and the business. However, after consulting with other business owners and customers, I think I can preserve the essence of the cards with an updated look and more sustainable process.

I've reconfigured the top 20 designs into new letterpress cards launching in January!
The bestselling designs, as well as those I thought were most important to keep for representation, will be refreshed and relaunched as letterpress cards. While redesigning these for a simpler production process, I focused on preserving their handmade nature and affirming, inclusive sentiments.

It was a really tough decision to say goodbye to these designs. However, I like to think that these changes mean that I'm still growing, both as a person and as a business. And I'm excited for all of the new opportunities this opens up!

Thank you so much for being part of the Kwohtations community, truly. I'm glad you're along for this open-ended, sometimes bumpy, and joy- and paper-filled journey.



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