"How do I use stickers?"

Stickers are a really popular product, and it's easy to see why! They're accessible, mini pieces of art that instantly make any surface more vibrant, colorful, and personality-filled.

If you're already a sticker lover, or if you're intrigued but aren't sure how or why to use them, I've included some creative reasons and places to stick your stickers:

 brighten up your belongings

Your laptop, phone, or water bottle are essential—and maybe even beautiful—items, but not especially unique straight out of the box.  Stickers are a super easy way to add some extra character to your everyday items, making them distinctly yours.

give yourself a gentle reminder

Stickers do more than just decorate; they can act as small, important reminders for self-care. sticker on your laptop proclaiming, "You Are More Than Your Productivity," or an "I Got This" mantra next to your to-do list, can provide a much-needed boost of self-affirmation and confidence.  

proclaim your values

Stickers are an easy way to proclaim your values, without having to say a word. A small sticker on your laptop can be an important way to let others know what you stand for, while a welcoming sticker on your door can signal a safe and inclusive space. 

So, where can you stick these tiny notices of inspiration and joy? Here are a few places to get you started:

Tech gadgets: Give your laptop, tablet, or phone case a pop of color and character.
Water bottles & travel mugs: Stay hydrated or caffeinated in style.
Notebooks & planners: Add some personality to your study or work tools.
Snail mail: Add a personal touch to your letters or packages, either inside or out.
Home decor: Liven up plain vases, plant pots, and storage bins. I especially love kind reminders on mirrors, for an uplifting message each time you catch your reflection.
Suitcases: Make your luggage stand out and easy to spot on the baggage carousel.
Musical Instruments: Jazz up to your instrument case with an extra bit of flair. 

Happy stickering!

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