My Summer Bucket List

Anyone else feeling like summer is just beginning, and we're in the sweltering thick of it, and it's too quickly passing by? 
My friends and I have declared this our Summer of Fun, in a bid / promise to intentionally prioritize joy and ease this season. We do this every year with mixed results (why are there always so many errands to do as adults??!), but we declare it and try anew every year. 
Instead of coming up with an ambitious and specific plan for the summer that will inevitably get derailed and make me feel like a failure, I'm keeping my list short and easy this year (think: taking a couple hours off versus scheduling a week-long vacation). I love an easy win, and it's a good reminder that joy and rest come in a lot of different, accessible forms. 
 Sharing my list here, in case you want some ideas: 
What's on your summer list?

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