When the holidays are hard

The holidays can be a really wonderful time of year, and they can also be a tough season. Maybe it's because holidays are traditionally spent with family, and your family situation is complicated. Maybe it's because you're missing someone you lost especially hard. Maybe it's because, for any number of reasons, the holidays will be different this year from what you had wanted or expected. I know that all three of these are true for me. 

If you're having a hard day, here are some ideas for things to do: 

If you know someone who is going through a hard time, here are some ideas for how to support them:

If you want to send a card but don't know what to say, that's totally OK. Send the card anyways. You don't have to say the perfect thing - the gesture is really what matters the most. Here are some of our Cards for Loss and Surviving Hard Times that can help you say the hard things: 

I hope that you all have a restful holiday season, and take care of yourselves as best you can.



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Recently I saw an interview you did about your book. My husband died in January of 2021. I ordered Welcome to the Grief Club. I don’t think anyone can truly understand grief until they’ve experienced it. Your book, through your words and illustrations, based on your experience, comes as close to describing grief as anything I have read or any way I could explain it. Thank you for sharing.

Mary May 12, 2022

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