Why Book Pre-orders Matter

Hi friends,

There's only ONE more week until Welcome to the Grief Club is out on bookshelves! I can't believe that what has existed for years as ideas in my head and heart, and then as files on my computer, is now a book that anyone can soon hold in their hands.

If you're interested in buying the book for you or a loved one, it would mean so much to me if you considered placing a pre-order.

What are book pre-orders?

Pre-orders are book orders placed before the publication date (in this case, February 1st!).

Why are book pre-orders important for authors?

  • Creating buzz: For booksellers, pre-order sales are an early indicator of interest in a book, which can influence their decision to stock the book and how many copies they buy.
  • Getting on bestseller lists: Pre-order sales count toward the first week of sales numbers, which is the best chance for a book to land on any bestseller lists. Getting on lists helps bring more wide-reaching attention and sales for the book!
  • Feeding the algorithm: Pre-orders boost a book's online ranking, so that algorithms on websites like Amazon are more likely to recommend the book in online searches.
  • Shaping the industry: Pre-orders not only send a message to publishers and booksellers that there is demand for a specific author or book, but also more generally that there is demand for similar books, in this case, books that address hard topics like grief with empathy and humor, and which prioritize inclusivity in their language and art.

What do you get when you pre-order?

You get the book in your hands sooner!  Pre-orders ship out before or on the publication day, so you can be one of the first to see and read the book. 

You get to support authors who you think are putting important stories and messages out into the world, and help them to be able to support themselves and continue making work.

You get to help shape the publishing marketplace by sending a message about what kind of authors and books can command demand. 


Workman Publishing is generously offering 20% off pre-orders of Welcome to the Grief Club, when purchased from workman.com. Use code GRIEFCLUB20 at checkout. 

Some other places you can place a pre-order: 

  • Bookshop This is a great site for shopping from independent bookstores, which I always try to do when I can. You can order from your favorite bookstore through Bookshop, or if you purchase through Bookshop generally, a percentage goes into a profit-sharing pool that is distributed across bookstores. 
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Amazon

My hope is that everyone can see a bit of themselves in the book, and that it helps provide support and affirmation that there is truly no right or wrong way to grieve. Whatever your grief looks like, you are not alone. 



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