For the caregiver, or anyone who is tending to others

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Yay, care packages!  There's a few different options for you to choose from, so please read through the whole listing before adding to cart!

All of us have that friend or family member who is always making sure that others are okay, often before they turn to their own needs.  Send them a little care package to recognize the work that they're doing, and also as a gentle reminder that it's okay to protect their time and to take time to tend to themselves.   

This care package comes in two sizes: 


This includes:

            OPTION 2: EVEN MORE DELIGHT—$50

            This includes everything that's in "A Little Treat," plus

            *If a product is sold out, we will upgrade you to a product of equal or greater value in the same category*

            Want to add more to your care package?
            If you'd like to add some extra goodies, simply add them to your cart and it will all go to your recipient. If you add a greeting card, I'll write the personalized message in the card for you.  


            1. Choose a care package size: "A Little Treat" or "Even More Delight" 
            2. Add to cart
            3. Add any extras If you'd like to add some extra goodies, simply add them to your cart and it will all go to your recipient. Everything that you order with the care package will be shipped as part of the care package!
            4. Add a personalized note (optional) Please type in your (short!) message where it says "Add A Note To Your Order" on the bottom of the "Your Cart" page.  If you add a greeting card, your personalized note will be written in that card. I'll be hand writing these notes for you :) 
            5. Put the recipient's shipping address If shipping directly to someone else, please remember to put in their shipping address!  When ordering multiple care packages, please enter each one as a separate transaction, since each recipient's care package needs to be shipped separately.  This ensures that the shipping address and associated shipping costs for each package are correct, and also ensures that you receive tracking information for all of the orders.

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